site adduser DUDE PASSWORD
site adduser DUDE PASSWORD
site grpadd SITEOPS
site addip DUDE
site chpass DUDE PASSWORD
site change DUDE ratio|credits|flags +1ABCDEFGH

Field                 Description

ratio                 Upload/Download ratio. 0 = Unlimited (Leech)
credits               Credits left to download.
flags                 +1ABC or +H or -3, type "site flags" for a list of flags.

Flagname              Flag     Description
SITEOP                1        User is siteop.
GADMIN                2        User is Groupadmin of one of his/her groups
                               (doesn’t work for private groups).
GLOCK                 3        User cannot change group.
EXEMPT                4        Allows to log in when site is full. Also allows user to do "site idle 0", which is the same as having the idler flag. Also exempts the user from the sim_xfers limit in config file.
COLOR                 5        Enable/Disable the use of color (toggle with "site color").
DELETED               6        User is deleted.
USEREDIT              7        "Co-Siteop"
ANON                  8        User is anonymous (per-session like login).

  • NOTE* The 1 flag is not GOD mode, you must have the correct flags for the actions you wish to perform.
  • NOTE* If you have flag 1 then you DO NOT WANT flag 2
  • NOTE* As of version 2.00 the gadmin flag can not be changed by using site change anylonger. The only way to set/unset a gadmin is not with site chgadmin.

Restrictions placed on users flagged ANONYMOUS.

  1. '!' on login is ignored.
  2. They cannot DELETE, RMDIR, or RENAME.
  3. Userfiles do not update like usual, meaning no stats will be kept for these users. The userfile only serves as a template for the starting environment of the logged in user.

Use external scripts if you must keep records of their transfer stats.

NUKE A User is allowed to use site NUKE.
UNNUKE B User is allowed to use site UNNUKE.
UNDUPE C User is allowed to use site UNDUPE.
KICK D User is allowed to use site KICK.
KILL E User is allowed to use site KILL/SWHO.
TAKE F User is allowed to use site TAKE.
GIVE G User is allowed to use site GIVE.
USERS/USER H This allows you to view users ( site USER/USERS )
IDLER I User is allowed to idle forever.
CUSTOM1 J Custom flag 1
CUSTOM2 K Custom flag 2
CUSTOM3 L Custom flag 3
CUSTOM4 M Custom flag 4
CUSTOM5 N Custom flag 5

site chgrp []
site delip
site deluser
site flags []
site gadduser []
site group []
site give [gGmM] []
site grp
site grpadd []
site grpdel
site grpren
site grpnfo
site nuke
site nukes
site new [.] [<#>]
site passwd
site purge
site renuser
site request []
site reqfilled <#>
site readd []
site search […]
site swho
site tagline []
site unnukes
site user []
site users [keyword|flag|=group|usernam*]
site unnuke
site undupe
site who
site wipe [-r]